Festung Armor Doctrine

A hard hitting defensive strategy; deploy hard hitting artillery options, use smoke to protect your vehicles and mask movement, provide more capability by deploying a Command Tank, and destroy enemies from long range with the powerful Pak43 anti-tank gun.

Commander abilities

Panzer IV Ausf. J

The Panzer IV J variant can be built from the HQ once either Support Armor Korps or Heavy Panzer Korps have been deployed.

Panzer Tactician

All armored vehicles use their equipped smoke dischargers to prevent themselves from being seen.

Hull Down

Allows to set German armor in an immobile Hull Down position, increasing defenses. Received damage is only 75% from base penetration damage. For example Т-34 deals 120 penetration damage instead of 160. ISU-152 deals 180 penetration damage instead of 240. Good work in combination with Panzer IV Command Tank that gives -10% received damage: Т-34 deals 108 penetration damage instead of 120.

Pak 43 Emplacement

Pioneers are able to construct powerful Pak 43 88mm anti-tank emplacements.

Railway Artillery Support

Off-map railway artillery will fire three large caliber shells at the designated target.