Armor Company

Overwhelm the enemy with elite American armored vehicles and supporting infantry. Assault engineers can clear fortifications to allow vehicles to advance, while Sherman Bulldozers can be used to setup a roadblock or defensive line. The enemy’s strongpoints can be bombarded with 240mm artillery prior to an attack.

Commander abilities

Assault Engineers

An Assault Engineer Squad with short range sub machine guns can be ordered in to the battlefield.

Elite Vehicle Crews Upgrade

Vehicle crews are upgraded with Thompson submachine guns, increased repair speeds and earn veterancy at an increased rate.

M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer

New Vehicle - M10 Tank Destroyer. Available for deployment at the Batallion Command Post. The 'Wolverine's' 3 inch main gun is effective against all but the heaviest enemy armored vehicles.

105mm Bulldozer Sherman

An M4A3 Sherman Bulldozer tank equipped with a 105mm howitzer for engaging infantry and structures can be called into the battlefield.

240mm Howitzer Barrage

Call in a 240mm Howitzer barrage to level the target area. First shell damage is 400. First shell will always land directly in the center of the target zone.