Tank Hunter Tactics

Disable enemy tanks and armored vehicles more easily with a variety of upgrades and abilities to support existing AT options. ML-20s can shell the enemy from afar and when that fails IL-2 planes can deliver a devastating anti-tank bombing run.

Commander abilities

Conscript PTRS Package

Conscripts can be upgraded with Tank Hunter Packages to improve their potency against armored vehicles.

Advanced Fortifications (anti-tank)

Vehicle blocking Tank Traps and bunkers can be constructed by Combat engineers. PMD-6M Light Anti-vehicle mines can be constructed by Combat engineers, Conscripts and Penals.

Tank Hunter Ambush Tactics

All mobile anti-tank gun crews and armored vehicles can camouflage themselves to avoid detection.

B-4 203mm Howitzer

The B-4 203mm Howitzer can be built by Combat Engineers. It fires a single devastating shot and can be used for direct fire against vehicles.

IL-2 PTAB Anti-Tank Bombing Run

Drops a multitude of smaller anti-tank bombs over a wide area.