NKVD Rifle Disruption Tactics

Use the intel gathering capabilities of the army within an army; NKVD code breakers can track enemy orders while a Commissar can oversee frontline operations and inspire nearby troops.

Commander abilities

KV-8 Flamethrower Tank

KV-8 Flamethrower tanks can be ordered to the battlefield from the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya. This tank excels against infantry and light vehicles.

Radio Intercept

Intercepts enemy radio transmissions, providing valuable intel on enemy actions.

Commissar Command Squad

A Commissar and his retinue are dispatched to the front to support and motivate troops.

Scorched Earth Policy

Engineers can place traps on friendly points that prevents them from being captured, but denies resource generation when triggered.

Anti-Tank Overwatch

Artillery will be called in to destroy hostile tanks within the target zone. The longer a vehicle is visible, the more intense the barrage will be.