Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics

Guard Rifle Combined Arms Tactics have a high potential for breaking through well-prepared positions thanks to the joint actions of guards units and ML-20 artillery; and KV-1 tanks, under the cover of IL-2 aircraft, will help gain time to strengthen the occupied territories with fortifications.

Commander abilities

KV-1 Heavy Tank

A KV-1 Heavy Tank can be ordered in to the battlefield.

Guards Rifle Infantry

Special Command Troops can be deployed to the battlefield equipped with PTRS anti-tank rifles.

Advanced Fortifications

Vehicle blocking Tank Traps, bunkers and PMD-6 anti-personnel mines can be constructed by Combat engineers.

ML-20 152mm Gun-Howitzer

The powerful 152mm ML-20 Gun-Howitzer can be built by Combat Engineers. Its shells can reach vast areas of the battlefield.

IL-2 Sturmowik Attacks

IL-2 Sturmowik will strafe the target location with its powerful 23mm cannons.