Scavenge Doctrine

Gather whatever resources you can from the battlefield and defeated enemies. Troops are trained to be more thorough in their salvage operations while infiltrating light infantry can disrupt enemy supplies and lay traps. With a large amount of resources stockpiled, more devastating artillery can be deployed on the enemy strongpoints.

Commander abilities

Flakpanzer IV Ostwind

A Flakpanzer IV Ostwind can be deployed to the battlefield. This unit is effective against infantry and aircraft.

Thorough Salvage

Salvaging will take more time, but also yields munitions resource.

Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad

A Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad can be deployed to the battlefield. This small squad is ideal for recon and scavenging resources.

Infiltration Tactics

Infantry gain the ability to surprise assault, allowing them to use a special grenade ability.

105mm Howitzer Barrage

A barrage of 105mm artillery shells will be fired at the target location. The number of shells fired depends on your current stored munitions.