Overwatch Doctrine

Utilize advance field reconnaissance to coordinate your army positioning. Territory that you are in control of will be rigged with flares to send early warning from enemy attacks. Coordinate battles within friendly territory to gain a tactical advantage. A Goliath also available for deployment to help dislodge forward defenses as well as aerial Stukas are prepared to assault any position.

Commander abilities

Early Warning Systems

Advanced systems in the form of warning flares and sWS receivers are available for use. Goliaths now available and can demolish enemy fortifications from a safe distance.

Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad

A Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad can be deployed to the battlefield. This small squad is ideal for recon and scavenging resources.

For The Fatherland!

Infantry in friendly territory will receive a defensive bonus for the duration of the ability.

leFH 18 Artillery

This light 10.5cm Field Howitzer doesn't have the destructive power of some Soviet artillery, but it counters with a good rate of fire and reasonably long range.

Sector Assault

After a period of time, two planes will automatically suppress and bombard enemy units in the designated area.