Feuersturm Doctrine

Assault enemy positions with upgraded infantry supported by trucks that keep units supplied with critical munitions. Call in an off-map rocket barrage which will bombard the area with multiple 280mm rocket artillery before deploying the Flammpanzer 38 to clear out remaining resistance.

Commander abilities

Assault Package

Sturmpioneers can upgrade to Flammenwerfer 35 Flamethrower while Volksgrenadiers can be equipped with MP40s and a variety of grenades.

Flammpanzer 38 Hetzer

The Flammpanzer 38 is a Jagdpanzer 38 modified with a Keobe flamethrower in place of the main gun.

Incendiary Munitions

Le.IG 18s are given incendiary rounds to saturate target zones with fire.

Opel Blitz Truck

An Opel Blitz is dispatched to the target area. This lightly protected truck is capable of supplying troops with munitions while carrying and reinforcing infantry on the field.

280mm Rocket Barrage

Call in an Off-map Barrage of devastating 280mm Rockets to target area. Can destroy howitzer in the target area.