Advanced Emplacement Regiment

This Regiment provides strong benefits to Emplacements and promotes defensive play. Utilize Infantry Sections to build defensive structures of your choice. Activate 'Counter Battery' on any of your artillery based buildings to combat against any forms of siege attack you may encounter. Upgrade your defensive structures for increased durability and improved utility. Precision Barrage is available to call in to disrupt enemy formations.

Commander abilities

Defensive Operations

Infantry Sections now have the ability to construct emplacements and repair buildings.

Advanced Assembly

Forward Assemblies will now have access to the 'Advanced Assembly' upgrade. Once researched, the assembly will dispatch royal engineers to repair.

Improved Fortification

Emplacements and Forward Assemblies will now have access to the 'Improved Fortification' upgrade.

Hold The Line!

Infantry units in friendly territories gain increased defense. After a period of time, Hawker Typhoons strafe enemies on the frontlines with rockets and machineguns.

Precision Barrage

Calls down a coordinated artillery barrage on the target location.