Commando Regiment

Commando Regiments provide numerous opportunities for hit and run attacks and striking the enemy’s most vulnerable points. Smoke Raids can be used to disrupt enemy supply lines before ordering a direct assault with grenades. Mortar and air support can provide cover for advancing troops while glider-borne commandos drop in behind the lines.

Commander abilities

Commando Glider Insertion

Deploy a Glider with a Commando squad to the target location. The Glider can reinforce and heal nearby infantry squads.

Smoke Raid Operation

A smoke barrage will occur at the target position while infantry are masked by smoke grenades allowing them to hide in cover. Hostile territory will be neutralized quickly during this action.

Assault Operation

Infantry squads move more quickly and have better attack. Recon planes will flyover frontline enemy territories. +15% weapon accuracy and -10% received accuracy for all line infantry.

Mortar Cover

Nearby teams of light mortars will automatically attack enemies in the target area with a mix of high-explosive and white phosphorous shells. After a period of time flares will be dropped into the area.

Air Supremacy Operation

A recon plane will be sent ahead before being followed up by attack planes. Heavy bombers will then deliver their payload over the target area.