Panzergrenadiers with RPzB 54 "Panzerschreck" x2

An expensive, well-armored, tenacious unit, strong against infantry at medium to close range. With getting veterancy the squad receives a lot of dodge bonuses, which makes him very hard to kill. 

Optimally to use at medium range, as they can become a victim of units that are more deadly at close range
(Shock Troops, Guards Airborne Troops with PPSH-41, Riflemen, Paratroopers with Thompson SMGs, Rangers with Thompson SMGs, Cavalry RiflemenAssault Engineer Squad, Assault Infantry Section). Panzergrenadiers fire well on the move, which makes it effective when assault enemy positions. Using grenade effectively eliminates clusters of infantry, anti-tank guns, mortars, machine guns 
(if you can get behind the lines). 
The grenade should be thrown either at the crowd of infantry behind cover (in the hope that the opponent will “yawn”), 
or at the place where the squad will be moved automatically, trying to get away from the grenade. 
Also grenade is very effective to throw at short distance as it doesn't damage panzergrenadiers but opponent will not have to much time to react.

After 1st veterancy squad gets increased speed and reduces received accuracy when near vehicles.

Can be improved as an anti-tank unit with two panzerschrecks, while reducing effectiveness against infantry. 
They fire a volley of two missiles, they can miss. After the first veterancy, hitting moving vehicles significantly increases. 
An effective tactic is to be in motion after a shot in search of cover and attack in 4-5 seconds.

In some doctrines, it can receive three G43 rifles, which will significantly increase firepower against infantry at all ranges.

Also, some doctrines allow you to pump Ambush camouflage, which will allow you to arrange ambushes. 
For example, guarding with the fire off near the point and throwing a grenade when the enemy squad stopped to capture.

In the second half of the game, 2-3 squads with panzershreks are very effective against all medium and heavy tanks. 
Just do not get involved in an open battle with the ISU-152 and Churchill AVRE, as they are capable of destroying crowd of infantry with one shot.

Compare with similar units


Unlocked by
Available for commanders
Ambush Camouflage

Infantry in cover can camouflage themselves from enemies. Ambushing enemy units while camouflaged will briefly increase the squads damage.


Unlocked by
Available for commanders
Bundled Model 24 Grenades
Throws a baled load of seven Model 24 grenades at the target location. Effective vs infantry.
Combined Arms
Trained to operate and work in tandem with nearby vehicles, Panzergrenadiers will move more quickly and be more difficult to hit. ( Increased speed and reduces received accuracy when near vehicles )
Model 24 Smoke Grenade
Squad will throw a Stielhandgrante with a smoke charge to mask the target area.
Model 24 Smoke Grenade
Squad will throw a Stielhandgrante with a smoke charge to mask the target area.
Demonstrating pure ingenuity, troops can repair any damaged structure, vehicle, or bridge.
Mark Target
Panzergrenadiers will mark a hostile infantry unit, making them more susceptible to incoming fire. The Panzergrenadiers will be more vulnerable to incoming fire during this ability's duration.
The unit will move very quickly for a short period of time. Weapons cannot be fired while moving.
StG 44
Infantry in cover or building
Light vehicles
Medium range
Shooting on the move
Medium (0.80)
High (0.57)

Builds in

Kampfgruppe Headquarters


  • decreases received accuracy
  • decreases received accuracy
  • decreases weapon cooldown
  • increases accuracy
  • decreases grenade recharge time