Infantry Section with Medical Supplies

The Infantry Section forms the backbone of the British Army. They are well disciplined line infantry units that fight better when in cover.


Unlocked by
Available for commanders
Throw No. 36M Mills Bomb
Standard issue No. 36M Grenade often referred to as the 'Mills Bomb' can kill or injure infantry in a radius.
First Aid
Medics can heal injured squads, and cannot heal while in combat.
Distribute Medical Supplies
Medical squads will heal themselves and nearby friendly squads if they are out of combat.
Gammon Bomb
Gammon Bombs, pouches tightly packed with high-explosive, have a very large blast radius capable of immobilizing tanks temporarily.
Building Repair
Infantry Sections can repair any damaged structure, or bridge with a repair rate of 2 HP/s per model. At veterancy rank 2, +1 HP/s repair rate per model.

Mines / Wires / Sandbags

Unlocked by
Available for commanders
Rough and ready fighting positions offer vital cover from small-arms fire.
Modified M6 Mine
Borrowed from their allies, this American Modified Anti tank M6 Mine has lighter trigger pressure which can be detonated by both infantry and vehicles.
Razor Wired
Strings of razor-sharp barbed block access by infantry and cannot be vaulted.

Produce Field Buildings

Unlocked by
Available for commanders

The Trench is much like the Bunker, as it provides Heavy Cover in a rough slit in the ground. The Trench has no upgrades, it can only be used as cover for infantry inside it. Often placed at important points or areas where heavy fighting can be expected.

Munitions Cache

Generates Munitions income and secures the sector when placed on the territory point. Generates an additional 5 munitions per minute. Build on flag in captured territory.

Fuel Cache

Generates Fuel income and secures the sector when placed on the territory point. Generates an additional 3 Fuel per minute. Build on flag in captured territory.

Forward Assembly

The Forward Assembly acts as a reinforcement point while in supply, and will support nearby emplacements giving them a support bonus. 

3-inch Mortar Emplacement

3-inch Mortar Emplacement is static but provides effective indirect fire support on the battlefield. The high angle of fire of the mortar can allow it  to hit targets behind objects.

Bofors QF 40mm Emplacement

Defensive structure. The 2cm Flak 38 Emplacement is equally effective against aircraft, infantry and light vehicles. With squad inside the sight range increases (+30) and Suppressing Fire ability is unlocked.

QF 17-Pounder AT Gun Emplacement

Regard as the most effective Allied anti-tank gun on the War, it was capable of defeat all but thickest armor on German tanks.

Lee-Enfield Rifle
Infantry in cover or building
Long range
Shooting from cover
Low (0.85)
Medium (0.66)

Builds in

Field Headquarters


  • increases sight range in cover (+10)
  • decreases received accuracy
  • increases accuracy
  • decreases weapon cooldown