3-inch Mortar Emplacement with 2nd Mortar

3-inch Mortar Emplacement is static but provides effective indirect fire support on the battlefield. The high angle of fire of the mortar can allow it  to hit targets behind objects.


Unlocked by
Available for commanders
Mortar Barrage
Barrage area with prepared rounds.
Heavy HE Barrage
Barrage the target location with series of heavy HE rounds and have increased range and explosive power. (range of fire is 150). Heavy Barrage fires a total of 8 rounds into the target area with a 100 second recharge.
Creeping smoke barrage
The mortar team will fire a creeping barrage of 10-lb smoke rounds at the target, creating a wall to obscure enemy vision. Range of fire is 145.
Brace Structure
The crew and any garrisoned soldiers set up defense to reduce incoming damage; all weapons are disabled while active. Increases Strength x4 for 20 seconds.
White Phosphorous Barrage
Fires 4 phosphorous rounds per mortar.
Infantry in cover or building
Machine guns
Long range

Builds By


  • decreases recharge time of the creeping smoke barrage
  • decreases recharge time of the all barrages
  • adds extra Strength (+350)